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When a plaintiff is preparing a legal case of any kind in the country, he or she may be obliged to notify each participant that they are being compelled to present their case in a court of law. Failure to perform this crucial step can lead to critical weaknesses in your case that the other parties can exploit in order to have it thrown out. RightNow Process Service is here to assist plaintiffs with "service of process".

At Right Now Process Service, we take the responsibility for delivering legal documents to parties involved in court proceedings. As a registered process server in San Diego, CA, we assure the best service possible to our clients.

When you are preparing to be involved in a lawsuit, the need for a bonded and registered process server is paramount. Our Registered Process Server provides the customer with a proof of service affidavit for filing in the respective court by the customer. We provide the optional service to the customer to file the affidavit to the San Diego County Courthouse if requested by the customer.

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